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May 11, 2024


Capturing the water quality of the Tahoe and Truckee River Watersheds

Be a Watershed Steward!

Join in hands-on water quality monitoring of our watershed. Monitoring teams will collect data that is used for restoration projects and overall watershed protection.

Snapshot Day covers as much geographic area as possible in order to capture a “snapshot” in time of water quality for the entire Truckee River watershed.  Samples are taken from the Lake Tahoe Basin and follow the Truckee River watershed all the way to Pyramid Lake (see map below). To view Snapshot Day monitoring locations in Google Maps, CLICK HERE.

For data from previous Snapshot Day Events CLICK HERE.

*Stream teams in Reno and Sparks will take samples on Thursday. Teams in all other areas will take samples on Saturday. If you have questions about which group to sign up with, please contact the site leader in your area.


 Truckee River Watershed

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